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Calmura Natural Walls Inc.

Calmura Natural Walls, a Canadian social venture, has developed a patented biocomposite wall system that provides healthy, durable and comprehensively protective shells to homes and buildings. We use waste wood from lumber mills, providing circular-economy value in our supply chain, to create carbon-negative building products. The wood is chipped and cast with a lime and clay binder to make long-lasting modular biocomposite panels and insulating infill, which is then formed into a monolithic building envelope around standard wood framing. Our wall system protects from fire, pests, mould and thermal variations, giving visionary homeowners a fully comfortable and safe home for generations. At end-of-life, our zero-waste product can be recycled into new biocomposite, or composted as a soil enhancement, but with the initial intention to create buildings that last as long as possible.

Calmura revives and modernizes historic building materials that used only regionally available natural materials to fashion sustainable and vernacular buildings, which still stand and are used today – mainly due to the use of lime as a building material, as the Romans demonstrated. Calmura is an Italian portmanteau of “calce”=lime and “mura”=walls, and lime is a the key to sustainable building. Instead of building boxes of plastic and petroleum-based products, which eventually fill up landfills, we have a vision for enabling architects, builders and homeowners to construct healthy homes and building which can protect and be loved by the inhabitants for many generations.