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"Since 2019, BOOMERANG VIAJES has joined the System B community program 'Path to Carbon Neutrality 2030.' In 2020, it measured its carbon footprint and that of its clients to offset and achieve carbon neutrality. In order to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from travel, it developed its own calculator, creating a solid foundation for analyzing mitigation possibilities, compensation options, and potential strategic partnerships within its value chain. The objective is to raise awareness of the climate emergency among all stakeholders and achieve the set goal within the specified timeframe".

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Since 2019, BOOMERANG VIAJES joins the System B community program "Path to Carbon Neutrality 2030" and aims to calculate both their customers and their own carbon footprint, in order to offset it and achieve carbon neutrality.
Today, thanks to the Carbon Footprint calculator, we can quantify GHG emissions to the environment as a result of travel, this creates a solid basis for analyzing mitigation and/or compensation options. Moreover, it generates networks along the value chain to raise awareness among all actors in this climate emergency.
Climate Action Plan Pending