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Bio Diverse Farming Pvt Ltd

At Bio Diverse Farming Pvt Ltd, we are building the future of sustainable agriculture and food safety, and wish to move forward with supporters in the mission. Sustainable agriculture and food safety is about commitment – to people, to partnership and to our planet. A holistic food safety perspective can unlock opportunities for growth and a cleaner, safer and healthier brand experience for the people as consumers from farm to fork.


Started in 2003, Bio Diverse Farming Pvt. Ltd. is on a “Safe Food” mission, out of our primary farm at the Tona village in the Lauhati-Rajarhat area, which is just 20 km away from Kolkata International Airport in India. This mission is for producing organic food at affordable prices to consumers with the help of committed farmers, who are engaged in ethical and earth-friendly farming practices with our intervention.


Tona Organic Farm by Bio Diverse Farming Pvt Ltd is one of the top 28 internationally acclaimed innovative organizations.