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bharhka countryside cottage resorts

We are doing our bit to save this planet and its species from degradation. We promote vegetarian meals through additional discounts. Usage of plastics items has been minimised by replacing the crockery to clay and bone china ones. Single use plastic items have been eliminated to a certain extent or reduced.

All the rooms have stainless still flask for water and kettle are of stainless steel types. The outdoor and indoor furniture that is plastic is now being changed to stainless steel or wooden type.

We are going to place steel bottle which guests can carry along with them when they go for local tours and sightseeing nearby, this would reduce unnecessary requirement for plastic bottles and littering of same across places.

Fresh food areas have been marked so that guests can directly eat hot food served, eliminating the need for packaging and wrapping the food with plastics or foils.

The staff at bharhka countryside cottage resorts has been specially trained to provide  best service and make sure to do away/reduce the usage of plastics. The pandemic had led to accruing of plastics from sanitizers and gloves etc, and disposing same in an efficient manner was crucial too.

As a business it is our responsibilty to take care of te surroundings and environment around us, and act with social responsibilty. We try to organise local drive and campaigns for tree plantation and cleanliness. We along with our inhabitants of the local community clear plastic wastes and send them to a nearby local municipal council incinerator for proper disposal.

In the near term, we would like to go to schools and colleges nearby to educate students about detrimental affects of plastics wastes, so that tha new upcoming generation is aware of consumption and usage of plastics material and how alternatives can be explored and created.



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