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Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.

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"More than ever, the global tourism industry has a unique opportunity to demonstrate its transformative power through inspiring and driving climate action. It’s not only an emergency but also a matter of human dignity.” Jens Thraenhart, CEO of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. Over the past years, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. has played an active role in fostering the resilience, resistance and recovery of the tourism sector, not only in the small island nation of Barbados but also regionally in the Caribbean and internationally. We are strongly determined to intensify our collective actions aimed at raising awareness, sharing knowledge and quality contents, and disseminating accurate information so that our community of members, partners and supporters can contribute to the achievement of global peace, shared prosperity, social harmony and environmental sustainability. Within this framework, we are now proudly and resolutely expressing our commitment to join the efforts of the global tourism industry in tackling one of the biggest challenges of our humanity: climate change.