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Azerbaijan Hotel Association

AHA represents the industry, encourages and leads the implementation of international standards and shares international and domestic practices among hotels in order to promote improvements in quality and ensure fair competition within the hospitality industry. 

AHA aims to assist and encouraging member hotels to make performance improvements by cooperating with the State Tourism Agency and the Azerbaijan Tourism Board to ascertain soon-to-be-applied laws and regulations that promote the stable growth of tourism, sustainability and foreign exchange earnings.  

AHA has established and will lead National Hotel Star Classification -national star rating and monitoring system in accordance with Hotelstars Union (HSU) Criteria which is applied in 17 European Countries under the patronage of HOTREC.  


Global Tourism Plastics Initiative Signatory

AHA actively tracks globally implemented sustainability measures and encourages members to implement international standards. The Sustainability working group has been created under AHA Executive Board, to share best practice and expertise from the industry. In the framework of this working group, AHA and its member hotels participated in Water Saving Award program introduced by UNDP. From this year, AHA will work together with local industry and Memora Psychology Center which has been working since September 2011 to rehabilitate children suffering from various neuropsychiatric disorders.  


  • Spreading the voice of the Global Tourism Plastic Initiative with member hotel representatives (80 hotels currently) through monthly newsletters, website, and social media channels. 
  • Encouraging implementation of the Global Tourism Initiative by creating separate Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly working groups under AHA Executive Board. These will consist of leading Hotel General Managers and industry representatives to determine main working areas in decreasing plastic usage, possible solutions SME and brand hotels can implement to reduce/recycle single-use items and negotiation with relative industries and government authorities to build a single chain of activities from collecting plastic to a sustainable recycling process.  
  • Creating awareness among hotel representatives, implementation of a field trip to assess hotel actions, sharing local and international best practices to stimulate and accelerate the movement for the circular economy of plastics, organization of meetings and presentation to showcase achievements, success stories and future intentions and plans.   
  • Collecting industry data on a quarterly basis and new innovations they are implementing in plastic-free approach via the Sustainability and Environmental Working Group At the end of each year working group will present yearly achievements and next year action plans