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AXA Climate

AXA Climate's founding mission in 2018 was: "What commitment should the insurer make to the climate and environmental cause?” The way we have been answering this question for the past four years is to help large companies and public institutions to successfully adapt to the climate and the environment. Today, we have four main business lines to achieve this mission.

First, insurance. Our way of being committed is to pay quickly after a climate disaster. With parametric insurance, we trigger payments based on satellite data using climate-based indicators (drought, wind speed, wildfire, etc.). We are the world leader and present in over 40 countries. Our objective? To make insurance with impact, by allocating our capacities to actors in transition and derisking sustainable investements.

Second, training. It may seem surprising from AXA, but the launch of this activity came naturally from our mission. We realized that the priority for companies, before buying insurance, was extra-financial knowledge (biodiversity, climate, natural resources, etc.). And there was no satisfying answer from the market. So we built 20+ hours of highly scientific digital content to provide white-label sustainability training for large companies. 

Third, consulting. In the beginning, our product offer was climate-risk screening, i.e. placing physical assets on maps and showing the climate over a 10-year horizon (rising water levels, heat waves, etc.). Since then, we have developed a committed consulting service, by expanding our support to biodiversity and transition.

Finally, financing. The businesses of insurance, training and consulting, when combined, give us confidence to invest in causes that matter; first and foremost, agriculture and soil health. Today, there is not enough investment in Nature when it is key to carbon capture, human food, and biodiversity.

In the last 4 years, we have grown and we have 100 employees over the 5 continents, 1/3 of whom are pure scientists. Our culture mirrors our mission on adaptation,  AXA Climate employees share a common mission, values and rituals - aiming at maximum freedom for everyone. We continue to look to connect with individuals and organizations who share the same cause, and boost our impact.