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Argentina Polo Day

We live each day with the passion of those who share what they like the most. In a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, our guests enjoy a genuine local experience.
We believe that to be happy, we need to enjoy the simple and authentic at all times. That is why in Argentina Polo Day everything we do, pursues the quality and warmth that makes our guests become the true protagonists.

We achieve this by creating memorable, authentic and unique experiences for everyone.

Polo is a way of life , which Argentina Polo Day allows all of us to enjoy. Polo is family, it is friendship. Polo is enjoying nature, it is passion for horses. It is tradition, culture, history.

Polo is Argentina. It identifies and unites us in an authentic and everyday way.

We create field and polo experiences for everyone to enjoy, every day of the year. We promote a connection with the field in a genuine way, where the enjoyment of and with the horses is shared, and a link with the local, between polo players, with the everyday.
We bring polo closer to the people, in a beautiful traditional room that offers the highest quality standards , with an expert, friendly staff ready to take care of every detail.
We are Argentina Polo Day and we open the doors of our house by putting at your disposal the best of country culture fused with the excellence of Argentine polo.

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