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Hello, I am lylia HAMEL, scientific entrepreneur and founde of ALGAIUS, where we are sustaining  food by algae and microalgae.

Our food is our History, our Culture, but most importly our FUTURE.

Our food is playing the Peace, the healing, the nourishement, the freedom and yet the communication.

The last health crisis, changed the consumer eating behavior, and allowed me to rethink and design our current nutritional model

Being Healthy isn't easy ,it takes education, discipline,and practice as well as self trust in our intuition.

The emerging science of epigenetics is our road map to tackle the current health crisis and future infections.Like music , our food elevates our vibes, when choosing the right food we are just establishing a good connection to nature.

Switching to a plant-based Diet empowered by algae , Chlorella is an alternative anti-depression agent, studies showed, with spirulina are forming excellent proteins quality , both capable of reversing the most chronic diseases,seaweed plants are antiviral agents,mineral reserve and important nutritious pool.2ALGAIUS2 is providing a solution to our current nutrition and sustaining food by algae , We are currently developing a smart diet "ALGAIUS Diet " where we are switching smart food associations for better gut and immune system health.Because we believe in "food as our Medicine".