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African Youth Network of Environment and Climate Change AYONECC

Sustainable development remains the major concern of citizens of the world. To achieve this, each party must contribute its stone to the building. Young people are among the vulnerable groups affected by global issues such as climate change, and they have the responsibility and the right to work to fight global warming. It is in this logic that we subscribe by making our contribution in the field of the environment and climate change through “African Youth Network for Environment and Climate Change – AYONECC”.


African Youth Network for Environment and Climate Change (AYONECC) is a network set up on the occasion of the African Youth Assembly on the Environment (AYEA) held from February 21 to 24, 2022 and having brought together thousands of participants (climate and environmental activists; environmental journalists; students of Senghor University of Alexandria; politicians; people with disabilities; people living in remote areas; artisans; farmers; civil society organizations and other stakeholders). This continental assembly is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) as a prelude to the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA-5). It was implemented by climate and environmental activist Salem AYENAN, selected by the the Global Constituency of Youth for Environment with the contribution of the Major Group of Youth and Children of United Nations Environment Program.


AYONECC is a dynamic network of young people passionate about environmental issues and climate change; a network that promotes the involvement of young people in the climate debate; a network that equips young people and makes them real agents of change in solving the climate crisis. As a result, AYONECC is a real platform that addresses issues related to climate change, focusing on the active involvement of young people at all levels, including decision-making bodies.


Among the themes around which AYONECC's activities revolve, we have: sustainable consumption and production, food security, adaptation; mitigation; loss and damage; climate finance; gender and climate; food safety ; protecting the oceans; indigenous groups and indigenous peoples in the face of global warming; climate justice; Nature-Based Solutions; science and climate; climate education; technology and climate; the energy transition; the National Determined Contribution; etc


AYONECC in the exercise of its activities requires advocacy; activism; awareness and mobilization campaigns for the climate cause; the implementation of innovative green projects; the development of effective and efficient solutions in favor of nature and the climate. It no longer needs to demonstrate that our world today faces many climate threats for which it is urgent to find appropriate solutions. We are committed to making our contribution in this direction.


AYONECC plans to work alongside partners such as the Ministries of the Environment and Living Environment, United Nations One Planet Network, SCP Youth Platform - the youth constituency in UN processes on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP / SDG12) the United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Environment Program, the UNEP Major Group of Children and Youth, the Pan-African Alliance for Climate Justice, U-Report, Universities; international institutions, national and international organizations, NGOs, and other related structures in order to achieve its objectives.


Salem Mihindeou AYENAN

Founder President/Global Coordinator AYONECC