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Active Albania

Active Albania is an initiative that provides sustainable solutions to bring transformations by promoting the best of a destination/company/ organization. It creates and scales youth, agriculture, and tourism business portfolios that matter. To accomplish this it focuses on delivering key outcomes, building amazing teams, and quickly adapting to new learnings.

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Active Albania wholeheartedly embrace the mantle of responsibility by pledging our commitment to the following principles and objectives:
1. Glasgow Declaration Implementation:
We are resolute in our determination to wholeheartedly implement the multifaceted commitments delineated within the Glasgow Declaration. Central to this endeavor is our unwavering support for the global endeavor to halve emissions by 2030, an aspiration we passionately champion. Furthermore, we steadfastly commit to attaining Net Zero emissions at the earliest possible juncture prior to 2050. These goals, intertwined with our fervent dedication, shall guide our journey toward a sustainable future.
2. Swift Climate Action Plans:
Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, we take upon ourselves the solemn obligation to craft and deliver comprehensive climate action plans within a span of 12 months from the moment of becoming signatories, or from the initiation of updates to our existing plans. Our focus is unwavering – these blueprints will pave the way for transformative change, actualizing our commitment to a greener tomorrow.
3. Pathways of the Declaration:
In our resolute pursuit of climate action in the tourism sector, we shall meticulously align our plans with the five pathways illuminated within the Declaration – Measure, Decarbonize, Regenerate, Collaborate, and Finance. This harmonious integration shall serve as an accelerant, propelling us toward the apex of coordinated climate action within the realm of tourism.
4. Transparent Progress Reporting:
Transparency serves as our guiding beacon. We pledge to report our progress openly and publicly on an annual basis, meticulously charting our advancement vis-à-vis both interim and long-term targets. This commitment to accountability is a testament to our unwavering dedication, allowing all stakeholders to bear witness to our strides and achievements.
5. A Culture of Collaboration:
In the spirit of unity, we vow to operate in a collaborative and supportive ethos. Our aspiration is to create a dynamic environment where best practices, innovative solutions, and invaluable insights are shared freely. By disseminating knowledge and fostering an ecosystem of mutual support, we endeavor to inspire and embolden others to join the ranks of signatories. Together, we shall march forward, united in purpose, and expedite the realization of our collective targets.
With these commitments etched into our mission, we, the Whitewater Wonder Women, step forth as steadfast advocates of change. Our resolve is unyielding, our actions unequivocal. Through our dedication, we aim to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for progress in the journey to safeguard our planet and chart a course towards a sustainable future.
Blerina Ago 
Climate Action Plan Pending