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4Green Architecture

We are an architectural planning office, specialised and many years of experienced in integrated energy design, we have designed and realised a number of award winning "best practise" carbon neutral sustainable green building projects with energy efficiency, renewables, nature based materials (NBS), the use of wood based materials from sustainable forestry, natural and renewable ressources, circular economy (CE), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) impact at the same time remaining competitive and affordable as a green investment, but also in operation over the life time of the building over the years. 

We have designed and develop the new generating of carbon neutral green building supermarkets for a big German supermarket chain, which is now a replicable roll-out model and the sustainable "green face" and profile of this big supermarket chain. We have also designed and realised some of Europe´s first new GreenBuilding EU certified offices, green building banks, pre-schools/nurseries, but also refurbishment and retrofit with energy efficiency, health, well-being, good indoor climate, integration of green technoliges, digitalization/digitalisation, renewable energy solutions, belong to our daily work and competences.

For us Sustainability and a Good Economy are no contradictions, they can easily go hand in hand with the right holistic approach and and through an integrated planning wise.

Sustainable Development and Risk management must go hand in hand - We proved that it can be done a number of times!

If you want to make a difference or are interested in learning more about us and our work, please contact us by interest and we will send you a presentation and get in touch. We look forward to hear from you !

We speak and write English, German and Danish/Scandinavian.