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A Global Forum to Kick-start the New Phase of SCP Actions

Building on the global multi-stakeholder partnership that has led the shift to sustainable consumption and production, set the agenda and provided tools and solutions to deliver on SDG12, the One Planet Network is bringing together UN bodies and regional programmes, its six programmes and actively engaged country representatives, as well its Network of partner organizations to launch a new phase of accelerated and impactful SCP implementation. Building on its multi-stakeholder nature, the Forum will provide the platform to advance several commitments for action which can be communicated by Member States and Stakeholders to support the Leadership Dialogues of Stockholm+50

Why have a global forum on SCP?

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SCP is an enabler of sustainable development

The economic systems we rely on for our prosperity and well being are not fit for purpose.  Reversing this trend to achieve the objectives of the Agenda 2030 requires  equitable changes to our economies supported by a global movement on sustainable consumption and production that drives post-pandemic recovery efforts while leaving no one behind.

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SCP is a driver of recovery, to build a better future on a healthy planet

The international community is calling for peace, stability, and sustainable recovery for all. The right circumstances exist for policymakers to recalibrate priorities and reshape supply, production systems and consumption patterns to create economies and societies that are fairer, more inclusive and sustainable.

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There is a Momentum for a new approach to SCP

After nearly a decade of bringing communities together and implementing actions, the One Planet Network has identified solutions, tools and strategies that can help transform in concrete ways how we consume natural resources while also positively contributing to other challenges such as poverty, a lack of decent jobs, hunger, waste and pollution, climate change and degradation of ecosystems. 

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