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There is a Momentum for a new approach to SCP

The renewal and extension of the 10YFP mandate by the UN General Assembly through 2030 is a salient opportunity to look to learnings that have changed the way we think, act and share about sustainable consumption and production, and build off of these foundations for post-pandemic recovery trajectories that focus on leaving no one behind, deliver on global sustainability ambitions, and provide policymakers and other stakeholders with science-based and proven approaches to bring us on track to 2030.

After a decade of implementation of actions, we the One Planet Network has identified solutions tools and strategies within the 6 programmes and other partner organizations that can help transform in concrete ways the way sectors and organizations consume natural resources while also positively contributing to other challenges such as poverty, a lack of decent jobs, hunger, waste and pollution, climate change and degradation of ecosystems.

2022 is a key transition year for the One Planet Network and the Framework for Sustainable Consumption and Production (10YFP) which has embarked, guided by its Board in an ambitious post 2022 Global Strategy for SDG12 and SCP. Such new Strategy will enable the One Planet network to join hands with other actors, alliances and partnerships working on the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon, inclusive and circular economy.

It is expected that during the One Planet Network Forum, the Board will convene inclusive and transparent consultations with Stakeholders on the Strategy, informed by the participatory preparatory process led by the 10YFP Board, the Group of Friends on SCP. One of the salient outcomes expected to be concluded during the Forum includes a “Commitment to act on SCP beyond 2022” which will contain the multilateral vision and key messages from the Global Strategy.