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SCP as an enabler of sustainable development

Since natural resources are the basis for the goods, services and infrastructure necessary to support socio-economic systems, the linear take-make-throw away production and consumption systems that drive our global economy have meant that prosperity and depletion of natural resources and their attendant negative impacts have gone hand in hand.

Such unsustainable consumption and production patterns are driving a triple planetary crisis of climate, biodiversity and pollution that is generating unbearable costs for our societies and environment. The world was already off track on achieving the SDGs before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and this ongoing crisis has further derailed and set back hard-won development gains especially for the most poor and vulnerable among us.

The economic systems we rely on for our prosperity and wellbeing are not fit for purpose. Reversing this trend to achieve the objectives of the Agenda2030 requires equitable changes to our economies supported by a global movement on sustainable consumption and production that drives post-pandemic recovery efforts while leaving no one behind. The UN system and the global network of partners have therefore an opportunity to scale up actions to ensure no country is left behind in scaling up and implementing Sustainable Consumption and Production and circular economy approaches.