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SCP is a driver of recovery, to build a better future on a healthy planet

Consumption and production patterns based on systemic and circular approaches and supported by an inclusive and coordinated network of multilateral and multi-stakeholder cooperation can positively contribute to sustainability challenges. What we need now is to redouble efforts for an inclusive, resilient, climate neutral and nature positive economy where Sustainable Consumption and Production and circular approaches:

  • Are drivers of poverty alleviation and economic development and could increase incomes by an average of 8 and 13 per cent in low- and medium-income countries respectively by 2060, and by an average of 4 per cent in high-income countries.
  • Help mitigate climate change by reducing emissions by up to 90 per cent by 2060. Have positive impacts on biodiversity, health and pollution since they are projected to result in up to 25 per cent decrease in material resource extraction.
  • Improved outcomes are based on increasing rates of consumption in emerging and other developing economies being offset by reductions in highincome countries.

The international community is calling for the urgency of peace, stability, and sustainable recovery for everyone. Recovery from the pandemic, recovery for our economies and recovery for our planet. The right circumstances exist for policymakers to recalibrate priorities and reshape supply, production systems and consumption patterns to create economies and societies that are fairer, more inclusive and sustainable.