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The kinds of transformation needed in how we produce and consume require the active engagement of, and cooperation between, a multitude of actors who may not be used to working together. The One Planet Network Forum 2022 provides this space, building on a decade of multistakeholder action to help launch a new phase of cooperation on Sustainable Consumption and Production. 

Below are some of the governments, international organisations, large and small businesses, NGOs, academic and research institutions, and others who are coming together to make this inaugural One Planet Network Forum a success. 

10YFP Board Members and Group of Friends of countries for SCP

The 10YFP Board - which guides the work of the One Planet Network - consists of ten countries (two from each UN regional grouping). In addition, to help plan for the post-2022 phase of multilateral cooperation on SCP, a number of supporting countries have come together to form a Group of Friends for SCP. Many of these representatives will be playing important roles at the Forum.


In addition to the 10YFP Board and Group of Friends, countries will be represented by the presence of many of the 140 National Focal Pointswho are nominated for implementation of the 10YFP as an important part of the global infrastructure on sustainable consumption and production. They provide a key entry point within national governments and can facilitate connections between government ministries and departments within countries; between the governments of different countries; between different programmes and initiatives, such as the Secretariats of the Multilateral Environmental Agreements; as well as a channel between national governments and the private sector and civil society.

Six global multi-stakeholder programmes

The programmes of the One Planet Network are the engines behind the concrete actions and outputs happening on the ground. They bring together hundreds of experts and organisations in a unique multistakeholder constellation which is moving the needle on sustainable consumption and production around the world. 


speakers from leading organisations across the network

The One Planet Network spans across more than 700 organisations around the world. Take a look below at a sample of those who will be participating in this years Forum.