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Commitments for Action


Building on its multi-stakeholder nature, the Forum will provide the platform to advance several commitments for action which can be communicated by Member States and Stakeholders to support the Leadership Dialogues of Stockholm+50 as well as other international processes. The key commitments for action which will be co-developed with stakeholder involvement, including from children and youth, are:


Commitment to act on SCP beyond 2022

This outcome will be led by the 10YFP Board, the Group of Friends on SCP and will contain the key messages and vision of the post-2022 Global Strategy for SDG12 and SCP. Such new Strategy will enable the One Planet network to join hands with other actors, alliances and partnerships working on the transition to a more sustainable, low carbon, inclusive and circular economy.


circularity in the tourism sector


Launching the Regional Science Partners for SCP

The announcement of the Regional Science Partners for SCP in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, is a commitment to enable science-driven approaches for effective and impactful sustainable consumption and production interventions. Through this Partnership, leading scientific institutions will support national governments and other stakeholders in the regions with contextual and targeted scientific evidence for policymaking. This effort is led by the One Planet network and Life Cycle Initiative, in collaboration Go4SDGs, UNEP Regional Offices, and the UN Economic Commissions (UNECA, UNESCAP, UNECLAC), and supported by the International Resource Panel, Vienna University and CSIRO.


Scaling-up SCP and SDG12 implementation at country level

This Commitment to action will highlight the message by UN entities to work in a coordinated manner with the objectives to address country needs for SCP implementation, follow a holistic, systemic and inclusive approach for SCP capacity building, and facilitate the access and integration of high-impactful SCP instruments in policies,projects and practices. This will be led by an Inter-Agency Working Group comprised preliminary by representatives from UNEP, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, UNESCO, ILO, FAO, UN Regional Commissions (UNECE and UNECLAC), UNOPS, and the Development Coordination Office. The goal is to establish an Inter-Agency Alliance for SDG12 through the SDG12 Hub, and work together with existing partnership initiatives such as PAGE and GO4SDGs.