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Changing how we digitalise

Parallel Session
June 1st, 10:30 - 12:00

Session Recording available below

Key actors within the digitalisation and sustainability space discussed what is needed to capitalize on digitalisation to accelerate sustainable consumption and production, while ensuring that digitalisation itself becomes a sustainable journey. The session served as the initial step in establishing a One Planet network initiative on Digitalisation for SCP. 

The session was a guided conversation/roundtable of key actors within the digitalisation and sustainability space. Through a series of questions, the actors provided inputs and reflections from their areas of expertise on key potential concerns and pressing needs in accelerating sustainability through digitalisation.  



The roundtable conversation of experts on digitalisation and sustainability initiated the commitment of UNEP, International Resource Panel and One Planet network to convene an expert group for the assessment and key recommendations on digital technologies for a circular economy. It is also a commitment of Digitalisation as a key enabler in the Global Strategy for SCP and as a One Planet network enabling initiative in 2023.



  1. Welcome to session

  2. Introduction to roundtable speakers

  3. Roundtable conversation

  4. End-note from moderator




Shivam Kishore

Senior Advisor,

UNEP Digital Transformation Programme &

Co-champion of Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES)




Katherine Foster

Strategic Advisor,

The Digital Economist



Pernilla Bergmark

Principal Researcher,

ICT sustainability impacts, Ericsson



Dauda Sulaimon Abiola

Youth Representative

on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Metaverse



Lubomila Jordanova

CEO & Co-Founder Plan A

& Co-Founder GreenTech Alliance

Organisers and Co-leads


  • One Planet network/10YFP Secretariat
  • UNEP Digital Transformation
  • United Nations’ Coalition for Digital Environmental Sustainability (CODES)
  • International Resource Panel