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Building on the global multi-stakeholder partnership that has led the shift to sustainable consumption and production, set the agenda and provided tools and solutions to deliver on SDG12, the One Planet Network is bringing together UN bodies and regional programmes, its six programmes and actively engaged country representatives, as well its Network of partner organizations to launch a new phase of accelerated and impactful SCP implementation. Building on its multi-stakeholder nature, the Forum will provide the platform to advance several commitments for action which can be communicated by Member States and Stakeholders to support the Leadership Dialogues of Stockholm+50

The Forum will accelerate and inspire action for sustainable consumption and production, drawing from key enablers for change, including circularity, consumer information and education, finance and procurement, digitalization and a human rights approach to SCP and promote game changing solutions for systemic transformation in high-impact sectors – such as food systems, sustainable tourism, the built environment and other emerging critical sectors.

In addition, the One Planet Network Forum will allow the Board of the 10YFP to advance the consideration of a Global Strategy on Sustainable Consumption and Production and SDG12.

The messages and outcomes of the Forum are expected to feed into the Leadership Dialogues of the Stockholm+50 event and into several proposed high-level side events of the international meeting, including one entitled “The case for a regular UN dialogue on Sustainable Consumption and Production”.

A further outcome of the Forum is a One Planet – Handle With Care Manifesto: 10 Steps for Sustainable Living, an initiative which will be developed through a co-creation process led by the Consumer Information and Lifestyles and Education programmes of the One Planet Network with the involvement of Children and Youth representatives and the input provided by target audiences and stakeholders throughout a dedicated pre-Forum campaign. The One Planet – Handle With Care Manifesto: 10 Steps for Sustainable Living will directly be feeding into the actions and messaging of the World Environment Day.

The conceptualisation of the Forum and its themes are built on exchanges with ongoing initiatives by partner programmes such as “Appetite for Change”, organised by WWF and the One Planet Network’s Food Systems programme; and are drawing synergies with other ongoing events, such as the “Cities Stockholm+50 High-Level Forum”, organised by the City of Stockholm, among other initiatives.