A series of trainings to demonstrate the big value for business that resource efficiency represents
3 March 2020

Article taken from: https://www.greengrowthknowledge.org/learning/giz-online-training-series-%E2%80%93-resource-efficiency-businesses


Resource efficiency offers big value for businesses, including significant cost savings, employee retention and the reputational benefits of good environmental performance.

What are first steps companies can take towards resource efficiency? How much effort will it require? What are key strategies for more resource-efficient products and processes? How can businesses utilise Industry 4.0 technologies to reduce costs and improve in competitiveness through resource efficiency?

The 3-part Resource Efficiency for Businesses online training series is exploring these questions and more. The first two sessions looked at the business case for resource efficiency and introduced a resource efficiency roadmap for businesses. Join us this week for the final training session, where we'll look at key resource efficiency strategies and real-world examples of how SMEs around the world are becoming more resource efficient. 

The series is provided by the German Corporation for International Cooperation/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the German Competence Centre for Resource Efficiency (VDI ZRE) in collaboration with the Green Growth Knowledge Partnership (GGKP).

Please see below more detailed information on each of the sessions, including a link to watch in full those which have already taken place.

The Business Case for Resource Efficiency - 19 February (3pm CET) 

WATCH: ggkp.org/BusinessCase_RE

  • What is resource efficiency and why does it matter for climate change?
  • What motivates companies to become more resource efficient?
  • What are the benefits of resource efficiency for companies?

An interactive discussion with participants focused on the challenges of implementing resource efficiency in companies and how they can be overcome.


The Resource Efficiency Roadmap for Businesses - 26 February (3pm CET)

WATCH: ggkp.org/Roadmap_RE

  • What are the first steps companies can take to become more resource efficient?
  • How can companies assess their production sites to see where there is room for improvement? What data is required?
  • How can companies assess and select the resource efficiency measures that are most appropriate for their business? What methods and tools can be applied?

An interactive discussion with participants focused on the role of employees before and during the implementation of resource efficiency in companies.


Strategies, Measures, and Real-world Experience - 4 March (3pm CET)

REGISTER: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4520110297560272395

  • What are the main product-related and process-related resource efficiency strategies?
  • How much effort will it require to implement resource efficiency measures?
  • How can businesses utilize the “Industry 4.0” technology that is expected to transform production to become more competitive and cost-efficient through resource efficiency?

An interactive discussion with participants will focus on the most effective strategies and measures for increasing resource efficiency and how digitisation and technologies can support  implementation.