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One Planet programmes

The One Planet programmes are made up of hundreds of organisations, working together to provide tools and solutions to countries in their shift to SCP.  Although each programme has different approaches for implementation, based on the character of their network and comparative advantages, all programmes have a similar basic structure:


The Lead/Co-lead organistaions support the overall coordination, implementation, fundraising activities and monitoring of the programme, and provide the resources needed to create and sustain its “Coordination Desk”, which consists of at least one full-time staff member (or equivalent).

The lead and co-lead(s) for each programme could be a government, UN agency, NGO, private sector body, or specialized technical institution that has recognized competencies in the area.

Together the lead and the co-lead(s) will have the following responsibilities, inter alia:

  • Support the overall coordination of the programme implementation and pro-actively fundraise for the programme;
  • Provide financial and/or in-kind contribution, including dedicated staff, in support of a “Coordination Desk” in charge of operational work (each programme will need a minimum of 1 or 2 full time staff to start operating).
  • Jointly supervise the work of the Coordination Desk (whose tasks could be executed from different geographical locations);
  • Chair and co-chair the MAC meetings, facilitate the decision-making within the Committee and support its activities, including those related to securing support for the Multi-Partner Trust Fund;
  • Encourage inputs and sharing of information/knowledge and strategies among all partners in the programme as well as with external partners/initiatives that could join the programme, finding synergies and building cooperation;
  • Help construct concrete linkages and provide coordination between initiatives within the programme and across the other programmes of the One Planet network, as relevant;
  • Promote the programme at meetings and conferences, where relevant, and build networks and partnerships regionally and globally.
  • Communication and outreach activities, including the co-management, with the 10YFP Secretariat, of the programme-specific community of the One Planet network knowledge management platform (, as the main interface with and between partners, for knowledge management, sharing and dissemination of tools and lessons learned, public relations, etc.;
  • Act as liaison and focal point for contacts with the Secretariat;
  • At its discretion, create adhoc task teams to address any specific, technical and/or emerging issues.
  • Report on progress and outcomes as required, including through the preparation of an annual report for the 10YFP Secretariat to convey to the Board and to be included in the 10YFP report to the High-Level Political Forum.

The Coordination Desks of all six programmes have a telephone call together on a monthly basis in order to keep up to date on what the other programmes are doing, and discuss possible opportunities for collaboration.  The presentations and minutes taken during these calls are available here for consultation

Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC)

A Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC) is established based on various criteria, including expertise, regional and stakeholder balance. The MAC members supports in a cooperative way the overall coordination, implementation and monitoring of the programme, particularly with regards to technical expertise and providing inputs for the working focus of the programme, as well as further resource mobilisation.

The role and responsibilities of the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee are the following:

  • Review goals, objectives and measures of success, based on the initial programme’s work plan, with the aim of providing guidance on progress towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns;
  • Review on the performance and evolution of the programme’s work plan, advise on and proactively engage new partners, initiatives and activities in the line with the objectives of the programme, as well as in response to emerging demand and priorities;
  • Enhance synergies and cooperation among stakeholders within the programme as well as with other programmes of the One Planet network;
  • Propose projects and/or activities for implementation in accordance with the work plan of the programme;
  • Be active in outreach and fundraising to support the expansion and continuity of the programme.
  • Provide relevant advice and feedback on the implementation of the programme activities.
  • Participate in teleconferences organised by the lead/co-leads and/or hold in-person meetings, at least once per year.


Any organisation supporting implementation and/or benefiting from the activities of the programme could be a partner of a programme. Those activities include workshops, trainings, making use and supporting dissemination of the materials, including policy and capacity-building tools and reports produced by the programme.  Being a partner of the programme means both contributing and receiving in the form of expertise, guidance, contribution to working group.  From the One Plan for One Planet strategy, an engaged partner:

  • Provides a clear, unique, quality benefit to the Programme;
  • Translates commitment into measurable, tangible actions;
  • Has a sense of ownership, pride and belonging to One Planet;
  • Contributes through a specific initiative, project or activity;
  • Reports annually on its organisation’s contribution to SCP
  • Participates in joint initiatives of the Programme network;
  • Builds on the expertise of the Programme network;
  • Engages new partners in the Programme;
  • Acts as a multiplier in their own organisation;
  • Actively mobilises resources;
  • Promotes change, results, and impact towards SCP.

Organisations wishing to partner with one or more programmes of the One Planet network are invited to contact the Coordination Desk of those programmes directly. More information is available on this platform in the programme specific pages. 

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