Inter-agency collaboration supports countries in integrating resource-efficiency in the buildings and construction sector, with a focus on large-scale national housing programmes.
3 November 2020

UN-Habitat, UNEP and UNOPS have joined forces in a collaborative two-year project that aims to support countries in the integration of resource efficiency into the building’s life cycle.

Buildings and Construction: a resource-intensive sector on the rise

The building and construction sector is responsible for nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions including process-related emissions from the manufacturing and procurement of materials such as steel, cement and glass. Furthermore, the sector consumes 12% of freshwater and 30% of raw material while generating as much as 40% of landfill waste globally. With the building stock set to double by 2050, emissions, energy and resource consumption are set to increase.

How is this being addressed through the project?

The project aims to address these challenges using the expertise from the One Planet network. It will support governments in transforming their buildings and construction sector, with the focus on housing, in a resource efficient, low carbon and climate resilient manner. The project is applying science-based approach which considers the entire value chain to provide coherent policy support and results-focused programming.

This will be achieved through the development of a “Sustainable Building and Construction Mainstreaming and Advocacy Package” to be piloted in two countries.

The Package will be refined and improved based on the experience and lessons learned. It will have the potential to be adapted to specific country needs and will serve as a tool for UN Country Teams globally.

The project has been developed in line with the reform of the UN Development System that promotes inter-agency collaboration and joint delivery to support countries.

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