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WEBINAR: Sustainable Procurement Index for Health Virtual Session

Learn how the Sustainable Procurement Index for Health is structured, with an overview of the key themes and questions, and the scoring system.

DATE: 17th June

TIME: 15:00 CEST


The Sustainable Procurement Index for Health (SPIH) is a globally established, recognized, and adaptable measurement tool for policymakers, manufacturers, suppliers, procurers, and health care facilities end users. It is designed to provide an incentive for entities to improve their environmental and social sustainability record.

The aim of the Index is to facilitate sustainable procurement in the health sector by supporting the decision making of buyers and certainty for suppliers, to provide a robust and transparent method that communicates supply chain performance and to provide clear pathways for stakeholders to improve their performance.


This virtual session will provide you with an overview of the Sustainable Procurement Index for Health (SPIH). Details will be provided on how the SPIH is structured, an overview of the key themes and questions, and the scoring system. Typical use cases for the SPIH will be set out, and feedback from recent piloting and testing sessions will be shared. Finally, you will have the opportunity to ask the panel any questions about the SPIH and how it might be deployed in your organisation.


Dr. Kristian Steele, Associate, Arup (Moderator)

Dr. Kristian Steele is a specialist in systems analysis and environmental impact assessment modelling. He works in the Arup Climate Change group where he develops and manages a broad programme of work across the environmental and sustainability fields. Dr. Steele has specialised in climate change with capabilities and experience across both GHG emissions mitigation and climate change resilience.

Callum Newman, Associate Director and Group Leader for International Development, Arup

Callum leads Arup’s International Development Group, a team that works with humanitarian and development partners to address challenges in emergencies and developing economies. Prior to this, he spent more than 20 years working in international development, including 19 years leading programmes in Asia and Africa. He is experienced in leading strategy development, portfolios of programmes, and the rollout of global systems.

Anna Tuddenham, Consultant, Arup

Anna is a chartered climate change consultant with five years of climate change experience, obtained and developed whilst delivering projects for both public and private sector clients. She has experience delivering and managing specialist climate change consultancy services, such as climate change risk assessments, adaptation and resilience strategies, and carbon/GHG emissions assessments.

Terry Ellis, Senior Consultant, Arup

Terry is a Senior Consultant in Arup’s Consulting team. Terry has fourteen years of experience in carbon management and supply chain consulting for public, private and institutional clients across the world. He also has direct experience working as a Sustainable Procurement Manager in the private sector. He uses his experience to support organisations in developing policy, process, data and tools that support sustainable decision making.

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Published on June 8, 2021

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