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WEBINAR SERIES: Nutrition in a Digital World

The webinar series comprises four thematic sessions that aim to raise awareness on the risk-benefit duality of the digital world in improving nutrition, helping achieve the SDGs

5 November 2020 - Episode 1: The challenges of digital food marketing
19 November 2020 - Episode 2: The opportunities and risks of digital technologies in nutrition behaviour change and capacity building
3 December 2020 - Episode 3: Digital solutions for data driven decision making, to help improve nutrition of vulnerable groups and to address inequalities
17 December 2020 - Episode 4: Digital solutions for nutrition sensitive programming

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The Internet and other digital technologies are drastically changing the world we live in. Information and data are being produced, shared, used and consumed at a continuously accelerating speed, and people and services are more and more inter-connected.

Digital technologies are being applied throughout the food system, influencing the ways people interact with it and potentially redefining their food environments. The digital world potentially affects not only underlying and immediate causes of malnutrition in all its forms, but also its root causes, and our ability to address them. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has yet again illustrated this.

The webinar series “Nutrition in a Digital World”, comprises four thematic sessions promoted by UNSCN/UN Nutrition that aim to raise awareness on the risk-benefit duality of the digital world in improving nutrition, helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNSCN 45 - Nutrition in the Digital World

This webinar series intends to continue the conversation about this quickly evolving topic, building upon UNSCN 45 - Nutrition in the Digital World, published in July 2020. 

This year, the 45th edition of UNSCN Nutrition, examines the complexity of the digital world for improved nutrition. Digital technology, in and of itself, cannot fix the world’s food and nutrition problems, nor mend its dysfunctional food systems. However, once improving nutrition is deemed a priority, digital technologies are important tools. The potential of digital technologies to improve nutrition is phenomenal, but so are the risks that these technologies might entail.

Most of the articles presented in UNSCN Nutrition 45 consider the potential-risk duality in a range of food-system perspectives– from food production, transformation and distribution to digital food marketing and retail; from behavioural change and capacity-building, including through social media, to the generation, processing and use of data; and from the protection of vulnerable groups to issues of inequality and human rights.

The theme of UNSCN Nutrition 45 – Nutrition in a Digital World  was chosen long before we had even heard of COVID-19. Digitalization has been playing a key role ever since, enabling vital parts of the world economy to continue functioning, allowing us to remain connected and giving us access to numerous public services, including those directly related to the pandemic. Another wake-up call on the need to enhance our knowledge and further the debate on the potential benefits and adverse impacts of innovative digital technologies in helping to achieve sustainable healthy diets and progressively realize the right to adequate food.


Published on November 2, 2020

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