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WEBINAR: Asia-Pacific GPPEL network

"Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on Green Public Procurement and Eco-Labelling in the ASEAN 3 region" project and its activities.

DATE: 12 March 2015

As part of the Chinese and KEITI funded project "Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on Green Public Procurement and Eco-Labelling in the ASEAN 3 region", UNEP will host 2 webinars over the course of 2015 with the intention of increasing knowledge sharing and capacity building within the Asia-Pacific region. 

Specific objectives of the 1st webinar:

To report on events and activities relevant to the Asia-Pacific GPPEL network members, to share members' work and experiences, and to announce upcoming activities related to SPP/GPP and/or Ecolabelling in the Asia-Pacific region.


I. Update on SPP and EL activities from members

  • Regional SPP and EL activities (UNEP)

  • Common Core Criteria and Measurement of GPP Impact (GIZ)

  • December 2014 conference & Proposal for Group 2C on Best GPP/SPP Practices (GPN Malaysia)

II. Monitoring SPP

  • Introduction to 10YFP SPP Working group 2A (UNEP)

  • Presentation of KEITI’s Policy Handbook for Sustainable Consumption and Production of Korea (KEITI)

III. Sustainability of procurement for the Tokyo 2020 Games • Presentation and brainstorming session (UNEP)

IV. Upcoming activities (GIZ and UNEP)


Official Title: “Strengthening the capacities and improving the knowledge on green public procurement and ecolabelling in the ASEAN 3 region”

Funded by China and the Republic of Korea

Project partners:

  • Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection, Environmental Development Centre (MEP)

  • Korean Environmental Institute (KEITI)

  • International Green Purchasing Network (Japan based Secretariat and branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand)

  • Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)

  • Japan Green Purchasing Network (GPN)


  1. Strengthen SPP and ecolabelling in the ASEAN region, based on the expertise of China, Japan and South Korea in the combined use of SPP and ecolabelling

  2. Enhance South-South collaboration on those topics, including with the African Ecolabelling mechanism

  3. Ensure a broad and effective participation of ASEAN 3 countries in the activities of the 10YFP SPP Programme


  1. Creation of an ASEAN 3 network of SPP and Ecolabelling experts and policy makers and organization of yearly meetings of the network
  2. Development of ASEAN case studies on GPP and ecolabelling implementation

  3. Sharing GPP and ecolabelling knowledge through a regional capacity building scheme

  4. Improve the performance of GPP policies and eco-labelling schemes through the establishment of regional workgroups coordinated with the 10YFP SPP Programme

Access full presentation here.

Unsplash - David Marcu

Published on March 12, 2015
Event start date
08:00 am

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