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Technical Session on Climate Action Planning Guidance

Join us for a 1-hour-long webinar, where we will talk to leaders from a diverse range of organisations (from across industry, destinations and supporting organisations) about their climate action planning journey.  We’ll hear about how they overcame the barriers to creating a meaningful climate action plan, the opportunities they have discovered to accelerate action and broaden the impact of their plan, as well as tips and advice for organisations no matter where they are in their climate action planning journey. 


Watch the Recording HERE.

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Tourism is responsible for approximately 8% of global emissions, and the impacts of climate change are increasingly being seen at destination level.  This affects not only communities and the natural environment but also the quality of the tourism product itself, impacting on consumer confidence.  Collaboration and shared learnings across the tourism sector will be a vital part of ensuring that organisations are able to take effective action for mitigation and adaptation.  

 This webinar has been organised by the UNWTO and the Travel Foundation as part of the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism



Published on October 14, 2022
Event start date
03:00 pm
Event end date
04:00 pm
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