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Sustainable Facilities Management and Operation - in Arabic Language

Some of the main topics of this training include the following:

  1. Introduce sustainable consumption and production practices at the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors (Circular Facility)
  2. Introduce sustainable water management and operation at Facilities
  3. Introduce sustainable Energy management and operation at Facilities
  4. Introduce the sustainable Integrated Waste Management at Facilities to achieve Zero Waste Facility
  5. Introduce the Sustainable occupancy of employees and visitors at facilities 
  6. Demonstrate real case studies of national facilities that implemented the Sustainable Facilities Management Guide
  7. Demonstrate some of the ISO standards relevant to Sustainable Facilities Management such as ISO 24000, ISO 50001

The whole webinar through the four days training is focusing directly on sustainable practices for production processes and providing services at facilities.


The Guide introduces operational requirements to any ICI facilities, implementation starts with creating sustainable operation & management policy relevant to the Facility's activities, demonstrating the facility's objectives in reducing the environmental, social, and economic impacts.

The Sustainable Facilities Management Guide has facilitated and adopted successful tools to manage and operate all facilities through its production and providing services life cycle, furthermore the guide has adopted Integrated Waste Management plan and procedures that ensure Zero Waste Facilities to the municipality landfills and minimize hazardous waste to the minimum applicable amount.

Published on January 20, 2022
Event start date
03:00 pm
Event end date
06:00 pm
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