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SLE Career Journey Advice Series

SLE Career Journey Advice Series were developed within the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme, which aims to foster the uptake of sustainable lifestyles as the common norm.


The SLE programme is co-led by the Ministry of Environment of Japan and the Government of Sweden, represented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) respectively. Through a global network of experts, practitioners and learners the SLE programme develops tools and resources that allow policy makers, businesses and civil society to build sustainable systems of living.


A Multistakeholder Advisory Committee and large network of partners on the ground are working on the concrete implementation of projects. This includes Akatu (Brazil), Swechha (India), IKEA (Sweden), World Business Council on Sustainable Development, OneEarth (Canada), WRAP (UK), Centre for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development (CCL), UNESCO, OECD, UN Environment, Swedish EPA and many others.


Through monthly interview sessions with guest speakers from partner organizations, the programme provided young professionals with a better overview of how leaders strive to amplify ideas and action on sustainable lifestyles and education globally.

A total of 8 episodes showcasing the interview sessions were recorded and are available to watch on Youtube:

1) Ep.1 Claire Kneller - Executive Director at WRAP 

2) Ep.2 Markus Terho - Project Director at Sitra 

3) Ep.3 Vimlendu Jha - Executive Director at Swechha 

4) Ep.4 Bernard Combes - Programme Specialist at UNESCO

5) Ep.5 Atsushi Watabe - Programme Director of Sustainable consumption and production at IGES

6) Ep.6 Laura Hunter - Executive Director at Futerra

7) Ep.7 Marcus Carson - Project Leader at Stockholm Environment Institute

8) Ep.8 Denise Conselheiro - Education Manager at Instituto Akatu


The first part of the sessions focused on questions to guest speakers regarding their career journey, how they work with sustainable lifestyles withing their organization and what advice they would give to young professionals. The second part of the sessions consisted of an exchange among participants, allowing questions from attendees and learning about sustainable lifestyles from guest speakers.


Published on November 30, 2022
Event start date
06:43 am
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06:43 am

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