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Shifting Sustainability from the Margins to the Mainstream

The event will explore the role of universities, educational institutions and industry bodies on how they can mainstream sustainability and develop dynamic learning systems which correspond to the fast-changing international landscape. We will share reflections on what has worked well for this transition and highlight findings of the Stockholm 50 Scientific Report by SEI and CEEW.

Enhancing Adaptive Capacities and Climate Resilience

The Stockholm+50: a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – our responsibility, our opportunity report from June 2022 presents a synthesis of scientific evidence on the state of global environment, and identifies concrete actions under three broad shifts: redefining the relationship between humans and nature; ensuring lasting prosperity for all; and investing in a better future. The report analyses the barriers to change and underlines the ways to unlock progress by improving coherence, accountability, solidarity and renewed multilateralism. It makes recommendations for reform and new thinking on complex issues of de-risking finance, co-development of technology, nature-based education, sustainable lifestyles, and others which need bold action now.


Watch the event on YouTube: Stockholm+50: Shifting Sustainability from the Margins to the Mainstream

Video: EARTHDAYORG / YouTube

Published on November 28, 2022
Event start date
10:00 am
Event end date
11:30 am

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