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SFS-MED Webinar: Linking agri-food SMEs to innovation for sustainable food systems: the role of multi-stakeholder approaches

In the path towards more sustainable Mediterranean agrifood systems, SMEs play a central role at the intersection between small scale producers and local consumers. Innovative multi-stakeholder approaches are pivotal to support the transition of agrifood SMEs towards enhanced sustainable business practices.

This webinar is organized by the SFS-MED Platform (CIHEAM, FAO, PRIMA, UfM) in the framework of the FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022.

The SFS-MED Platform will present concrete experiences of university-business cooperation, including successful cases of innovation adoption and transfer, and scientific frameworks to assess sustainability performance of SMEs. The event will allow strengthening collaboration among science and innovation partners and enabling SMEs with solutions, tools and best practices.


The outcome document of this webinar is published at this link and the recording is available here below:

Published on September 19, 2022
Event start date
07:30 am
Event end date
09:00 am
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