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SFS-MED Webinar: Food waste management and circular economy in Mediterranean cities

The webinar will bring together stakeholders from across the Mediterranean to share practical experiences of their engagement in circular economy practices for food waste management at urban/local level, reflect on success factors and challenges, and facilitate partnerships and replication of solutions across the Mediterranean. 

The webinar will aim to address a key question: how can Mediterranean cities ensure multi-stakeholder engagement in food waste management and applied circular economy practices?

The event concept note and agenda are available online in English and French.


Interpretation will be available in English, French, and Turkish.

The outcome document of this webinar is published at this link.

In the Mediterranean region, over 70 percent of the population lives in urban areas, and this proportion will continue to grow in the next decades. Urbanization trends across the Mediterranean are leading to extended food chains, expansion of the food offer and changes in consumption behaviors that tend to amplify food waste. In a renewed pledge to curb food waste as a lever for more sustainable food systems, Mediterranean cities and local authorities are increasingly playing a crucial role in adopting circular bio-economy strategies that integrate food waste reduction and valorization, recovery and redistribution of safe food. For this transition to happen, they are engaging with and raising awareness of several food systems actors, especially consumers, retailers and food service providers, enabling city-to-city and multi-stakeholder exchanges, adopting food waste monitoring frameworks, as well as investing in green technologies and partnerships with the private sector.

Published on April 22, 2022
Event start date
07:00 am
Event end date
08:30 am
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