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SFS-MED Webinar: Consumers and Mediterranean diet: towards food systems transformation

In the framework of the SFS-MED platform, this webinar will bring together stakeholders from across the Mediterranean to present concrete experiences and successful cases from the consumer perspective, including on transparent information and consumer education and innovative pathways for sustainable public procurement. Consumers should be at the center of all elements of the food system, from food research to food production and procurement, as well as food industry, environments, and marketing. Bringing together representatives from consumers organizations, experts from research centres, international organizations and educational networks, the webinar will provide a forum for exchange on the role of consumers in a more sustainable food system agenda in the Mediterranean.

This webinar will focus on highlighting practices and approaches that aim at addressing consumers' needs highly relevant to the sustainability of food systems, such as for instance:

  • to access healthy, affordable and safe food;
  • to access adequate information enabling informed choices through appropriate tools (including digital tools); 
  • to have their views represented in decision-making processes; and
  • to be educated on the environmental, social, and economic consequences of their choices, while contributing to shaping the offer of more sustainable products.

Everyone is a consumer; consumers are the ultimate reason why food is produced, and as such empowering consumers has a tremendous potential for impact on food systems' sustainability. Consumers' behaviour can strengthen the transformation of food systems through awareness and informed choices which, in turn, would drive targeted incentives. Promoting their active engagement in the food systems agenda can offer unique insights on food consumption trends and market demands, as well as a better understanding of the practical constraints to food access, affordability, safety and quality that might hinder healthy diets in the Mediterranean.

A conducive environment for sustainable consumption would enable protecting the right to safe and healthy food at affordable prices, equipping individuals with vital information to make informed food choices, while increasing transparency and consumers' trust in a food system that enables sustainable production patterns.


The event's background note and agenda are available in English and French


Interpretation will be available in English and French.

Published on January 12, 2023
Event start date
08:30 am
Event end date
10:00 am
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