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We Unite: new 12-minute film about organic farmers

  • Published on July 6, 2019
New film 'We unite' offers a window into the lives of two organic farmers and the reasons they are part of a movement in Germany that calls for a better food and farming systems.

"There are many things that connect people the world over. Food is one of them. We all have to eat.

But what about those who grow our food? Do we know enough about the challenges they face, the work they do and how we can support them?"

An initiative led by IFOAM - Organics International, a MAC member of the Sustainable Food Systems programme, the 12-minute film ‘We Unite’ is a window into the lives of two organic farmers and the reasons they join the yearly ‘We are Fed-Up’ demonstration in Germany. Along with hundreds of other farmers, they drive their tractors into the heart of Berlin where they unite with thousands of citizens calling for a better food and farming system for all.

Carlo Horn and Hanna Erz talk about why they farm organically, the impact it has on soils and yield, and how, even in times of drought, they are still able to harvest crops. They highlight the need for sustainable food systems that give farmers access to land, protect the environment, pay fair prices and provide good food for all.

The film is also available with audio in German and subtitles in these languages:
German, Spanish Dutch, Czech, French, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian

IFOAM - Organics International 

IFOAM - Organics International works towards true sustainability in agriculture, from the field, through the value chain to the consumer. From building awareness among the public and advocating for sustainable policy, to building capacity and facilitating the transition of farmers to organic agriculture, everything we do aims to strengthen the organic movement and lead it forwards.

Common Table Creative is a production company with a passion for telling stories about the power of food and farming. They showcase the interconnected nature of our food system and how it impacts our health, our environment, and society - all around the world. CTC is on a mission to grow a more just and regenerative world and to inspire positive action around our food system.


Read more about the One Planet network Sustainable Food Systems programme:

Unsplash - Naseem Buras

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