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  • Published on January 27, 2022

Futerra is a an organization that works to change the world for better through communicating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to diverse groups of people and organizations in a personal and organizational level encapsulated in the Good Life Goals (GLGs). This time they take the message of Responsible Production and Consumption to OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade).


Futerra joined hands with OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) with the aim to “introduce the GLGs and help them use the GLGs to integrate sustainability into their businesses” in the words of the event coordinator at Futerra.

In order to achieve agenda 2030 and SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production we need to change the way we produce, buy and consume on a personal as well as organizational level. The sustainable development goals communicate the vision to achieve agenda 2030 and the dood life goals express the steps we need to take personally and collectively to get to the vision/agenda. 



The collaboration with businesses is crucial to achieving SDG 12 because they play a key role in modeling positive behaviors and attitudes necessary to have conscious consumers who are aware of the impact their consumption has on the planet’s resources and ecosystems. On the other hand, businesses have to take the mantle of sustainable production and delivery of services. It’s good for business because with sustainable production non-renewable resources are spared from being depleted and renewable resources have time to renew. If businesses don’t adhere to sustainable production they will eventually have no business when resources run out or are degraded. Hence, the work Futerra has done with with OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) to raise awareness on the steps needed to be taken by businesses to ensure responsible consumption and production is fundamental to drive the discussion of sustainability in the business cycles and inspire action.



It’s necessary to communicate agenda 2030 strategically if we are to achieve it within the 9 years left. Futerra working with OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) is a step in the right direction that produces ripple effects in an entire industry and other industries that are connected to it. OWIT has a vast network of members who are business owners and have the power to transform their businesses to be more efficient and sustainable and thus influencing others to follow suit. For sustainability to take strong hold of our personal and collective responsible consumption and businesses production practices, action needs to be fueled through communicating its importance to our personal and organizational/business lives.

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