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UNEP launche new online course on Sustainable Living

  • Published on February 15, 2023

Registrations are open to access the free Sustainable Lifestyles Learning Module to learn how to live more sustainably. 


Over the last two years, GO4SDGs, UNEP’s Sustainable Lifestyles Team, and the United Nations System Staff College have been developing alongside partners and experts an online learning module to facilitate training on Sustainable Living and encompass how to translate the science behind lifestyles into effective action to live better and lighter. 

Starting February 14, the module is available for free for anybody who wants to learn more about lifestyles or who can use it as a guide for their work as educators on sustainability. It can be completed in an average of 3 hours and is the only requirement is having access to the internet. Participants will get a certificate from UNSSC and UNEP to attest to the completion of the training. You can access the module here. 

This online course combines a self-paced study module with applied learning components, including case studies and interactive exercises. Participants will learn more about sustainable lifestyles, their connection with the 2030 Agenda and climate change, our current unsustainable path, and how we can generate change. It presents case studies from various regions and sectors, applying the concept of sustainable lifestyles. Participants will learn about the key lifestyle "hotspots" and be invited to replicate sustainable initiatives in their communities.

The module is one of the core products of the Sustainable Lifestyles Academy, a set of educational tools that aims to empower youth for sustainable lifestyles, and to promote green campuses youth opportunities for green jobs with universities. 

Course contents
•    Lesson 1: Why are we living in unsustainable ways?
•    Lesson 2: What are sustainable lifestyles?
•    Lesson 3: How can we drive lasting change?
•    Lesson 4: Sustainable lifestyles in action.

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