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TCO Certified, generation 9 is here!

  • Published on February 4, 2022

The next step toward sustainable IT products

Getting to truly sustainable IT products is a journey of continuous improvement in environmental and social responsibility. With TCO Certified generation 9 we take critical next steps along this pathway. Updates and changes are made in several criteria areas.

Socially responsible manufacturing

Bringing transparency further into the supply chain

We require transparency about sub-suppliers, take the next step in combating corruption and include stricter criteria on responsible mineral sourcing. Our structured approach helps you reach sustainability targets faster.

Driving social responsibility throughout the complex IT product supply chain requires a clear and systematic approach. TCO Certified includes a framework that encourages proactive work and helps brand owners structure their work with sustainability. Corrective action plans must be developed and implemented within a set timeframe. To drive change where it’s needed the most, monitoring of high-risk factories is intensified. drive improvements in areas such as working conditions, anti-corruption, hazardous substances, and conflict minerals. To support continuous and systematic improvements, TCO Certified includes a framework that encourages proactive work and helps brand owners structure their work with sustainability. We drive change where it’s needed the most by intensifying our monitoring of high-risk factories and ensuring that any identified non-conformities are corrected and closed.

Hazardous substances

System for safer chemicals expands from product to production

Our ground-breaking system for safer substances is expanded to also cover process chemicals. This protects the health and safety of workers, reduces environmental risk, and helps IT brands make informed choices on chemical use.

For a long time, TCO Certified has restricted the use of harmful substances with criteria that go beyond RoHS. However, simply banning substances isn’t enough. A banned substance may be replaced with another that is equally harmful, or potentially even worse. Therefore, we need better information about substances before they are being used. With TCO Certified, a chemical is considered a high risk until it is proven to be otherwise. GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is used to identify a pathway to safer alternatives.

Sustainability data that you can trust

Enabling data-driven decision making and sustainability reporting

More than 40 new Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPIs) are added. All gathered data is verified by independent experts. This helps IT brands measure their sustainability progress and compare with peers.

Circular IT management

Extending the life of IT products and reducing e-waste

We help the IT industry move toward circular business models and credibly communicate sustainability benefits to purchasers. Criteria are aimed at extending the life of IT products, improving recyclability, and reducing e-waste.

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