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Strengthening the Science-Policy Interface: Construction Value Chain Consultations

  • Published on May 10, 2021
Take part in identifying hotspots, consolidating existing actions, and defining a common agenda for this crucial global value chain

Strengthening the science-policy interface by adopting the value-chain approach is one of the key pillars in strengthening multilateral cooperation on Sustainable Consumption and Production. 

Building on the findings of the joint task group of the International Resource Panel and the One Planet network presented in the report “Catalysing science-based policy action on sustainable consumption and production: the value-chain approach and its application to food, construction and textiles”, the One Planet network is now holding a series of consultations to collectively define a common agenda for action. 

Following the consultations on food, the network turns now to the construction sector. The initial set of consultations will focus on identifying existing innovative business and policy solutions, through a series of expert workshops focusing on the key findings from the construction value-chain analysis.

Turning science into action: the Value-Chain Approach

The value-chain approach is a methodology for science-based policy action on sustainable consumption and production. Its purpose is to identify key points of intervention within economic systems to reduce natural-resource use and environmental impacts caused by production and consumption, and to define a common agenda for action.

Critically, the value-chain approach goes beyond an understanding of where resource use and environmental impacts occur, to understand why this is happening and what the key points of intervention are for science-based policy action.

Help shape the common agenda for action in the construction sector

Through consultation and collaboration, the Value-Chain Approach identifies where solutions already exist at key intervention points, and where there are gaps and opportunities, and defines a common agenda for concerted actions that can transform the system. This participatory approach taps into the bodies of lay and practical knowledge that are collectively held among SCP practitioners, as well as ensuring their crucial buy-in for the implementation of this common agenda.The objectives of the initial set of consutlative workshops will be to: 

  • socialise the value-chain approach as adopted by the One Planet network and the International Resources Panel Task Group;
  • understand what initiatives/solutions currently exist at different stages of the construction value chain and to define gaps, opportunities, interlinkages, and trade-offs as the basis for the development of common agenda for action;
  • engage new stakeholders.

The consultations will be undertaken in July 2021 in the form of 3 expert workshops, each focusing on the key findings from the construction value-chain analysis:

  1. Purchasing power: How public procurement exerts influence throughout the Construction value chain - 1st of July
  2. Follow the investments: How financing shapes the Construction value chain - 8th of July
  3. How planning and design frame action along the Construction value chain - 16th of July

All workshops are foreseen to take place at 14:00-16:00 CEST. 

Nominate an expert

The consultation workshops will be discussions amongst experts who work along different stages of the value chain, in order to identify existing solutions that help to reinforce the messages from the value-chain analysis. Experts are expected to: 1) Participate in the workshop(s): approximately 2 hrs each; and 2) Undertake preparatory readings and provide feedback: max 4 hrs in total. This is an opportunity to highlight interesting tools and solutions that already exist and which may help to define a broader common agenda for action to increase sustainability in the construction sector. 

Click here to nominate an expert

Join the Socialisation Webinar

A kick-off socialisation webinar took place on the 11th of June to introduce the consultations and provide some initial innovative initiatives from the One Planet network and beyond. 

Read more about the socialisation webinar

Please stay tuned to this page which will be regularly updated, and in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out for more information to Branislav Mizenko at the 10YFP Secretariat (branislav.mizenko(at)


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