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September MAC Meeting of the Consumer Information Programme

  • Published on September 28, 2021

The 22nd MAC Meeting of the Consumer Information Programme took place online on 28 September.

The 22nd MAC Meeting of the Consumer Information Programme took place virtually on September 28th. It was attended by MAC members, Programme co-leads and Coordination Desk members. Participants engaged in fruitful discussions on the way forward for the Consumer Information Programme and renewed their interest on working together and participating in new initiatives. 


The meeting had four main objectives:

  • Update MAC members on the new website, reporting system and partner engagement strategy 
  • Review progress made by Working Groups 1 and 3
  • Discuss applications of the value chain approach by the Programme
  • Explore upcoming opportunities for Programme events


MAC members gave advice and offered support towards the development of Working Group 1’s project to communicate food sustainability to consumers. The project aims to provide insights into consumers’ awareness, attitudes and preferences, and their main sources of information about food sustainability. MAC members also gave inputs into the project mapping current policies and regulations on green claims, and suggested speakers for the proposed events at the annual CRB conference and UNEA5.   


We would like to thank all the MAC member for their valuable support and dedication to the Programme and its objectives. We look forward to continuing the collaboration as we come towards the end of the year!

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