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SDG12 Resource Efficient Housing

  • Published on June 9, 2021
Supporting countries towards sustainable buildings and construction

UN-Habitat, UNEP and UNOPS have joined forces in a collaborative two-year project (October 2020-October 2022) that aims to support countries in the integration of resource efficiency into the building’s life cycle.

Countries of implementation 

Burkina Faso and Sri Lanka

The Challenge 

The building and construction sector is responsible for nearly 40% of the total emissions The programme responds to the urgent need to reduce global greenhouse emissions with a focus on material resource efficiency, given the fact that 50% of the building stock is yet to be built, with most of it to occur in developing countries.


The main objective is to support countries building their roadmap towards a resource efficient, low carbon and climate resilient buildings strategy. The joint teams will develop and implement tools and resources to strengthen the countries' sustainable consumption and production in the construction sector (SDG12).


The programme is being piloted with Burkina Faso and Sri Lanka as the first 2 selected countries. A global steering committee and a multi-stakeholder national group is brought together to promote international and national expertise and awareness looking to develop the Sustainable Building and Construction (SBC) roadmap strategy and piloting projects. As a result, a value-assessment methodology and an advocacy package will be delivered. A housing assessment tool will also be piloted in both countries to identify gaps in order to improve planning, design, construction, and assessment of future buildings.

Next steps

During the next months the agencies will be working together with the United Nations Country Teams (UNCT) and other relevant stakeholders in developing the tools and national SBC roadmaps. The final outcomes will be mainstreamed globally and serve as a digital archive to enable other countries to strengthen the path towards sustainable strategies within building and construction sector.

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