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The Right of Public Access - a unique opportunity

  • Published on December 31, 2021

In Sweden, you have a Right of Public Access whenever you visit Swedish nature whether you’re going for a walk, kayaking, climbing a mountain or simply enjoying nature. The Swedish EPA has emphaises the right of all people in Sweden to visit nature and highlights the many positive benefits for society and the environment when people enter and engage with nature in a respectful way. The right of public access is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to roam freely in nature.

The right of public access is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to roam freely in Swedish nature.

Things that are permitted


Thanks to the right of public access, we can move freely in Swedish nature. The right of public access works if everyone takes responsibility for assessing what is appropriate by reading the landscape and assessing the situation. Different activities, places and times determine what you can do or not. Together, it is our common responsibility to use this old custom with care. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about which rights and obligations that are included in the right of public access. activities pertmitted include Hiking, biking, riding, camping, fire, hunting and fishing.

In order for everyone to enjoy nature, we need to take care of nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and others who are outdoors. We can sum this up with the phrase ”Don’t disturb – don’t destroy”. Thus serious caution most be taken in nature such as taking rubbish with you (Glass, tins, plastic bags and bottle caps can injure both people) to is as weall want clean nature, free of litter. Avoid disturbing those who live in the area, do not cross over or occupy someone’s lot. Residents have a right to be undisturbed. Do not build a fire directly on or right next to rocks as hey can crack, causing scars that never heal. You are not allowed to take bird eggs. That is considered hunting. All wild animals and birds are protected by law. Hunting may be carried on in accordance with hunting regulations. Species threatened with extinction, such as frogs and snakes, are protected. Also remember that certain plants are protected by law and they may not be picked. The county board can provide information on protected plants. Orchids are protected throughout the country. 

When these are understood, we ensure the enjoyment of nature for all and enhance our health.


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