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REPORT: “Can I recycle this?”

  • Published on May 19, 2020
A Global Mapping and Assessment of Standards, Labels and Claims on Plastic Packaging

The Consumer Information Programme launched a new report that is now available for download.

The report maps existing standards, labels and claims on plastic packing regarding sustainability characteristics such as bio-based content, compostability or recyclability. Through an expert consultation, identified labels and claims are then assessed against the five fundamental principles of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. The report concludes by providing five recommendations for clearer and more effective communications about materials, production, recyclability and disposal of plastic packaging.

The report was developed through a collaborative effort led by Consumers International and the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP]. It contributes to the One Planet Network-Wide Plastics Initiative.

Why this is relevant:

8 million tonnes of plastic enter the marine environment every year. There is an urgent need for action from businesses as well as policymakers to transition to sustainable consumption and production patterns, and a circular economy for plastics. Consumers are a crucial element in this transition. The decisions they make about which products to purchase and how to dispose of them influence production processes and levels of plastic leakage. Therefore, this report makes recommendations to improve consumer information on plastic packaging, empower consumers to make sustainable decisions and reduce consumer confusion concerning plastic recycling.

What you will learn:

This report provides a global mapping and assessment of standards, labels and claims on plastic packaging. The findings of this report map the current landscape of consumer information, highlighting good practices and identifying needs for improvement. The report is global in scope and focuses on the consumer communications on plastic packaging for fast-moving consumer goods and food and beverage products. An international, cross-sector consultation revealed five key insights and recommendations for clearer and more effective consumer communication on plastic packaging.

The Report

You can download the full version of the report here.

You can access the launch webinar that was given on this report here.

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