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Promoting New Responses Series

  • Published on December 7, 2015
Since 2001 the Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN) and The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL), have produced a number of research publications. These research publications are a part of an effort to encourage changes in behaviour that will create a more sustainable future in terms of environmental integrity, economic viability, and social justice for present and coming generations.

The research publications in the Promoting New Responses series form part of the public debate on what courses of action are needed in order for consumer citizens to play a constructive role in shaping the social and ecological lanscape of the future for ourselves and for coming generations. The series examines how building bridges between disciplines, stimulating behaviour change, developing critical assessment skills and improving access to information can contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable world.

Each book in the Promoting New Responses series presents a number of articles dealing with the diverse dimensions of consumer citizenship. Each book also gives an overview of the themes and topics discussed during the conferences held by the CCN network. Promoting New Responses series will measure its impact by giving cases of social innovation visibility, by taking on a multidisciplinary approach and highlighting areas of behaviour which demand reflection and adjustment. The Promoting New Responses series has been shared with the CCN partners and has been disseminated worldwide at conferences, meetings and other public events where citizens have gathered to share knowledge and research about living responsibly. The series is available online on the PERL website ( PERL will continue disseminating the Promoting New Responses series. Victoria W. Thoresen UNESCO Chair for Education about Sustainable Lifestyles and Director of PERL (Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living) Hedmark University College, LUNA Hamar, Norway email: tel: 47 62517636 mob: 47 90887691

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