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The Power of the Public Plate Podcast

  • Published on November 16, 2021
‘The Power of the Public Plate’ Podcast explores the stories of champions of public food procurement. Brought to you by the UN One Planet Network and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, each episode unpacks how public authorities from around the world leverage procurement to positively impact the food value chain, to ultimately contribute to sustainable food systems.

The podcast dives deep into themes such as how procurement can support smallholder farmers, serve healthy and nutritious meals, create new employment opportunities and reduce food waste. 


Episodes feature guests from 

  • Quezon City, Philippines

  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Busia county, Kenya

  • Ecosistemi, Italy

  • Minneapolis, USA

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Manta City, Ecuador 

  • Bahia State, Brazil

  • Good Food Purchasing Programme, USA 


You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and One Planet Network YouTube or ICLEI Youtube


To find out more about us, visit our websites:

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability 

One Planet Network | 


Or connect with us on Twitter:




This podcast is a product of a project which has been exploring recommendations for procurers and policymakers, when it comes to sustainable food procurement. Find out more about that project and take a look at the recommendations, here:

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