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New report out! Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain - A Global Roadmap

  • Published on May 31, 2023
Today, at WCEF 2023 UNEP’s report ‘Sustainability and Circularity in the Textile Value Chain: A Global Roadmap’ was launched. It outlines what each stakeholder group can do individually and collectively to reach the shared destination of a circular textile sector. To do so, the report identifies the three priorities: 1) shifting consumption patterns; 2) improved practices; and 3) infrastructure investment. These three priorities depend on each other and will require significant work. Therefore, the Roadmap breaks this work down into nine building blocks that each stakeholder can focus on, with priority actions for each stakeholder group.

The report builds on research and consultations with over 140 textile value chain stakeholders, whom UNEP thanks for helping define a common agenda of transformation towards sustainability and circularity.

The Roadmap consists of the main report and seven stakeholder-specific annexes. The annexes deep-dive further into the actions that the specific stakeholder group can take to deliver against the nine building blocks.

Read the report here:

You can watch the event here: 

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