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Naturum - visitor centres in nature

  • Published on January 9, 2022

A naturum is a visitor centre with activities and exhibitions, located at several of Sweden’s national parks and nature reserves. Here, you will be welcomed by friendly, knowledgeable staff who will answer your questions and guide you through the area’s sights of interest. All naturum visitor centres offer guided walks and demonstrations, slide-shows and theme nights. You will also find literature and multimedia here to immerse yourself in. In addition, there are brochures and information boards offering tips on beautiful nature trails and footpaths.

At naturum, you can learn almost everything there is to know about the region’s plants, birds, insects and animals. You can also learn about the cultural history and geology of the area as well as people’s relationship with nature and their impact on it. Information about the area’s national parks and nature reserves and why we need to protect and take care of our nature can also be found here. Join us on an activity in nature! All naturum are open during the summer and many are open most of the year. Special demonstrations for school classes and other groups can be booked throughout the year. 

Naturum centres are centres at national parks and nature reserves in different parts of Sweden. Their goal is to organize activities and exhibitions surrounding nature in a way that are suitable for all consumers. By visiting the registered Naturums around the country, people from all backgrounds and ages can increase their understanding of the environment.

There are currently 32 Naturum centres operating in different areas of Sweden. These centres focus on informing the public about the local nature; including its people, animals, geology and cultural history. The centres also use modern multimedia, movies and technology that help visitors gain a more in depth understanding of the environment around them. Through this, more people can be connected with the local nature, understand it, and care about conserving it. 

Naturum is an essential connector between people and the environment since it explains the local geology, plants, animals and cultural history in depth. The topics are presented in an interesting way – through exhibitions, movies and activities that are easily approacable even for the family’s youngest members. Naturums can create a connection between humans and nature, and therefore encourage more people to support lifestyles that support sustainable consumption of natural resources. Naturums are desired to not only connect more people with nature through creative exhibitions, but also increase public desire to discover outdoors more in depth. 

Naturum is a registered trademark to which the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has the rights to. Facilitets may apply to register for the trademark Naturum. Due to the trademark being owned by Swedish Environment Protection Agency, agency’s approval is required.

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