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Municipality of Lima holds the first participatory workshops to build the Environmental and Climate Policy of Lima

  • Published on September 11, 2022

With the objective of identifying the needs, regulations, instruments and actions that are being carried out in the face of the effects of climate change, the Municipality of Lima continues with the process of elaborating the Local Environmental and Climate Policy (PACL) of the city, for which, it has carried out the first workshops to identify environmental needs together with the members of the Metropolitan Environmental Commission and interested citizens.

These workshops have been held in virtual sessions with the municipalities of the province of Lima and in extraordinary sessions of the five Metropolitan Technical Groups: Solid Waste Management, Air Quality Management, Governance and Environmental Citizenship, Climate Change and Water Resources and Management and Conservation of Ecosystems.

In each session, the needs, effects, norms, instruments and actions that are being developed to face the environmental challenges of Lima were identified. In this way, each attendee contributed with the vision of the sectors involved such as academia, civil society, private companies and local governments that will help complete the characterization matrix of the PACL.

With this type of action, the Municipality of Lima will continue to contribute to a more participatory environmental management that involves all citizens and actors who want to make a difference in an articulated manner.

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