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Methodology for measuring SDG 12.7.1 indicator on SPP reclassified to Tier II 

  • Published on April 29, 2020
SDG 12.7.1 methodology on SPP reclassification opens the door for a first exercise of data collection in 2020!

The methodology for measuring progress on SDG indicator 12.7.1 for sustainable public procurement has been officially reclassified as Tier II – meaning that countries can now move towards measuring progress with an agreed indicator and metric. 

The SDG 12.7.1 index measures the level of implementation of Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in a single country. The idea of the index is to assess the means dedicated to SPP policies, the level of implementation of the usual components of SPP policies and the outcomes of these policies at national, subnational or both levels. All these factors are combined in a single measure. 

UNEP has leveraged the expertise of its public procurement network and of the One Planet SPP Programme partners to develop the methodology for the indicator. The methodology was tested in August and September 2019: 31 different countries took part in the development of the methodology (6 of them are based in Africa, 11 in Asia, 26 in Europe, 5 in North America and 4 in South America). 52 experts from 40 different organizations provided feedback on the methodology.


The reclassification of the methodology opens the door for the first exercise of data collection which should take place in 2020. 

While the new methodology is key to reporting against SDG 12.7.1, it will also help identify rooms for improvement in the implementation of SPP policies. Therefore, reporting against SDG 12.7.1 will be useful for government agencies wishing to advance their SPP actions and policies- whether it be beginning countries or more advanced ones. 

For any query on the methodology or if you would like to take part in the capacity building work on 12.7.1 reporting, please feel free to contact Farid Yaker (


Click here to view the SDG 12.7.1 Indicator methodology. 

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