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Measuring and Communicating the Benefits of SPP: Workshop Summary

  • Published on March 18, 2015
This workshop informs an ongoing project sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in the framework of the 10YFP SPP Programme led by UNEP. As one of several activities under the 10YFP SPP program, this project is supported by the “2B: Measurement and Communication of Sustainable Public Procurement Benefits” working group. The hypothesis driving the 2B working group is: SPP practices will increase if there is a reliable way of measuring and communicating the sustainability benefits of SPP programmes. The goal of the 2B project is to lay a solid foundation for measuring SPP benefits by: 1. Investigating and comparing existing methodologies and impact calculation techniques. 2. Further developing a benefits framework and methodology. 3. Receiving expert input and review on that framework and methodology. 4. Testing the approach with pilot organizations and real data. 5. Providing guidance to organizations implementing SPP. 6. Growing and diversifying the community of individuals and organizations actively working on SPP benefits measurement. The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC) and Industrial Economics, Inc. (IEc) are leading this project, with support from the UNEP and the 10YFP SPP Programme Secretariat.

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