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MAC Meeting of the Consumer Information Programme!

  • Published on April 1, 2020
On March 10 to 11, 2020, the MAC Meeting of the Consumer Information Programme took place in Brasilia, Brazil.

The annual MAC meeting is a possibility to meet and discuss the strategy and work areas of the programme. This year, 12 MAC members joined the meeting in person while others, due to travel restrictions, joined the meeting online.

The meeting had two main objectives:

  1. Define the annual work plan of the CI-SCP in line with the 5 year vision of the One Planet network: One Plan for One Planet.

  2. Identify relevant activities that each of the MAC organisations can contribute towards achieving the programme’s objectives.

MAC members had lively discussions about the way forward for the Consumer Information Programme. The meeting was very productive and many action items concerning the CI-SCP strategy, the development of working groups or the current Plastics Initiative were defined. Moreoever, the Work Plan for 2020 was defined and agreed upon. It was a very successful meeting which gave a clear direction on the way forward for the programme!

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